Tuesday, September 7, 2010 | By: ArsyadZulkifli

Chronology of the Future Golden Age of Islam

This is the chronology of the Future Golden Age of Islam.

2020 - The Caliphate Grand National Assembly decides to establish back the Caliphate System. Malaysia and Indonesia combine and become the Government of Ar-Rasyidin. The leader is the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Imran Al-Zahran.

2023 - The government changes it's name into Khulafa' Al-Mu'minin. The Caliphate continues to spread the words of Allah throughtout South Asia. The alliance start to influence the people of East Africa and Australia. Meanwhile, the confederency has already start their campaign to war against the Muslims by influencing the people at Centre Asia.

2025 - The soldiers of Allah continues to march, until they reach the border of Turkey(U.A.) and Kazakhstan(R.C.). At the same time, the alliance sents 1st Division of Royal Navy Army to conquer Malaysia.

2027 - The alliance's reign at Australia doesn't last long. The Muslim Army under Commander Anas Yusuf has liberate Australia. This situation threatens both the confederency and the alliance. The president of Russia then decides to attack Pakistan. This has causes the Muslims' empire to divide into 2 parts.

2028 - The confederency is trying to conquer Malaysia by marching towards South-East Asia, while the alliance continues to spread their influence at Africa.

2030 - Unfortunately, the caliph sends 10 Elite Army Mujahidin to get into Russia's territory and the soldiers manage to force President Vladimir Stamin to sign the surrender treaty. Finally, the Russia Confederency era comes to an end. All of the confederency territories fall to the Caliphate.

2031 - The world is now divided into 2 sides. Khulafa' Al-Mu'minin and United Alliance. After that, Caliph Imran Al-Zahran retires after a long services, and the reign is continued by his successor, Malik Ridwan.

2034 - History is recorded. The biggest Muslim's empire since Prophet Muhammad's p.b.u.h reign has been achieved. But the war does not ends here. The word of Allah must be spread throughout the world. The president of the alliance then decides to launch a full-attack at Ireland, where the Muslims are camping. It is the one and only neutral country left. After a few month, the war ends. The Caliphate achieves victory. But many of the Muslims die as a matyr. As for the alliance, they retreat back to their homeland.

2036 - After the lost of alliance at Iceland, the caliph orders the army to divide into 2 groups. One head to North America and another one go to South America.

2037 - United Alliance is surrounded by the Muslims' territory. The situation is very desperate.

2039 - President Sullivan MacMichael raises the white flag. The world order is finally restored under Caliph Malik Ridwan's reign.

Hopefully, this kind of chronology will come true. As long as we hold the Quran and Sunnah, we will not fall and one day, we will rise... insya-Allah =)


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